Hey there fellow writers, Show me your blogs!!

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red-hands-woman-creative.jpgThat’s write, sorry, I mean that’s right.  I would love to have you post here about your blog. You can write anything you’d like but I’d love to know things like:

What’s the name of your blog and why did you pick that name? How long have you been blogging? Does your blog have a philosophy, mantra or mission statement? What have been some of your favorite posts you’ve written? Have you been surprised by anything unexpected since you started? And anything else you’d like to add. Would love to get some feedback.

I’ll Start.  My blog is “Globetrotting grandpa” I like the name because it is something I feel like I can grow in to. Not something a decade or two I would need to change.  I’m 54 so I may be on the young end of grandpahood .  But this is my attempt at embracing my impending senescence.

The major focus of my blog is travel, but I also write about my issues with health and weight loss, I also add an occasional original poem or haiku.

I do have a mission statement it is from the poem “Ulysses” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. ” T’is not too late to seek a newer world”. I truly believe that. You can travel at any age. You are never too old. (or too broke, too depressed, too heavy, too…anything)

My favorite posts have been the informative posts like “Hosteling over 50”, “Repo cruises”,  and the guides for things to do for free in Las Vegas, San Francisco,  Seattle, and NYC. Those posts take more time to write and research, but the truth is, I really LOVE researching.

I’ve found several things surprising since I started the blog.  For one thing, I was so impressed by the professional quality in so many of the blogs here. well written, great pictures, and some innovative layout and presentation. I was also so pleased with the level of support from so many of you. I’m very grateful for all the kind comments and people from all over the world who have viewed my page. And this is such great fun. I needed this. Without dredging up all the maudlin muck, suffice to say I was in kind of down. This has really given me something fun to look forward to, so I am so grateful for that.

Okay, that’s it for me. Show me what you got. I’d love to read all about what going on with you.

20 Replies to “Hey there fellow writers, Show me your blogs!!”

  1. Greetings !

    I’ve named my blog ‘The Ecstatic Storyteller’ because I look forward to sharing my travel stories with the rest of the world. I’m impulsive by nature and set out to seek newer lands as soon as I can afford to do so. Over the years, I’ve read fantastic blogs that beautifully capture the essence of a place. They are narrated through beautiful images and personal experiences – something that no guide book can offer. I believe that it is time for me to join my fellow travellers and spread the ecstasy and the many joys that come with travelling.

    If I had to choose a mission, it would be something similar to “I read; I travel; I become”. Travelling has helped me to grow and get over difficult times in the past. I would recommend it as a remedy to most (if not all) kinds of pain and heartbreak. I am certainly happy with two of my posts – Tintagel and King Arthur (https://theecstaticstoryteller.wordpress.com/2018/03/17/tintagel-the-birth-place-of-a-legend/) and Fall Colours of Pitlochry

    Needless to mention, I love your blog and look forward to each and every post with keen interest.

    Leah- The Ecstatic Storyteller

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    1. Thank you south for posting Leah. You have a great name for your blog. Traveling is most certainly an ecstatic rcpirience. I like your posts especially the King Arthur post. I am so glad to have you on this journey and appreciate your support.


  2. Hi there! my blogs name is “Writing with probability” and its at dicemaned.com
    I choose that name as many of my posts/writings are picked at random by rolling a dice. Or sometimes its not, depending on my mood haha.
    I am 31, I live in Australia and I use dice to determine decisions on a somewhat regular basis (my “quirk” I guess)
    My “mission statement” so to speak is to improve my writing, and the best way to do that I think is to have lots of people read it and criticise it.
    Hope you enjoy your blogging experience! 🙂

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    1. That’s a very adventurous way to approach blogging. You must have finely honed intuition. I believe if when we are able to trust our higher self for guidance we seldom go wrong. Really like your poems too. Thanks for posting.


  3. Hi! My blog is also travel focused with the emphasis being on our (US) public lands.

    Each post is about a specific park unit or historic landmark. I try to provide the type of information I find useful when I am planning my itineraries in the hopes of, well, being useful.

    I have used Trip Advisor since its inception and Yelp. I also scrapbook after my trips and use Trip It to organize my travels. And I take lots and lots of photos of just about everything. So I have a wealth of digital data from the past 15 years to help me remember the details..

    I was surprised by a few things when I started blogging again earlier this year.
    1. A lot of people blog…I didn’t think this was a thing anymore. I’d had a popular paper crafting blog many years ago on blogger that just fizzled out. Or maybe I was the one that lost interest. Who knows? I got divorced and my life changed. That blog wasn’t me anymore.
    2. There are a lot of blogs here, like yours, that I want to read. Move over Instagram…there’s no longer enough time to like all the photos in my IG feed and read the blog posts I want to see.
    3. If I don’t broaden my mission, I will quickly exhaust my material faster than I can collect new experiences. I’d started out focused on the NPS, then realized some of the great places I wanted to talk about weren’t managed by the NPS, but by the BLM, Forest Service, National Wildlife Refuges, States, Counties…and in some cases were places restored and managed by private non-profits. So ‘National Parks’ became ‘National Parks and other public lands’
    4. If I don’t slow down, I will run out of material. For instance, early on, I posted about a 3-day Zion National Park visit that would have been better served with more details and broken up into digestible segments, but I put it all out there in one post. Live and learn. I now do 2-3 write-ups a week and schedule them to post on Mondays and Fridays.

    Anyway, thanks for the prompt! I’ve been enjoying your blog and really found that repo cruise article fascinating. I’d love the freedom to take one of those some day!

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    1. I love your blog and you have a great niche. In my book you can’t go wrong writing about our beautiful national parks and monuments. I do hear you on the overstretching part. I’ve been at it two months posting almost daily and am starting to see the bottom of the well. I need to do some traveling tout suite to refill the coffers. So glad you’re on board, and always make sure I read your posts.

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  4. Hi there…. My blog is called, Dreaming Myself Awake. https://dreamingmyselfawake.wordpress.com/
    The tag line is ‘Finally ready to speak’, which is pretty much why I started the blog. I have been writing poetry and journalling for most of my life, when I finally hit the point where I felt I could actually share some of what I’ve written. You will find poems and some photos, for now. I have just started a book. My goal is to write novels in my “retirement” age, so I figured I better get started! Hahaha…(we are close in age, so you know what I’m saying). I am still learning how to use the blog site, and hope to have it looking more like I envision in my head. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to exploring your site….

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    1. Hi there. Welcome. I have to say I love your blog name. Very creative . I would love to write in to my retirement too. I figure between my savings social security and a few dollars from some online books sales I might be able to buy a cup of coffee. I am only two months in myself but if you ever have a question, let me know. I may not have an answer but may know someone who does. 🙂

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  5. I love this idea for a post! I just started my blog today, and it is called The Travelling Fam. We are a small family of three who make the most out of life and try to travel as often as possible. I think my mission statement would be to show people that travelling is possible on many different budget levels, and that as long as you make your passion for travelling your priority, it can happen. Having said that, I am very new to this, so I’m not entirely sure how the blog will morph.

    I do use different point systems here in Canada to earn trips, so I also plan on documenting how that is done. I’m very excited to be a part of this community!

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    1. Welcome! So nice to have you aboard. If your blog experience is anything like mine, You may see it morph a bit over time, but in a good way as you find your voice. (I’m only two months in myself, so I am still on a voice-quest myself) I look forward to reading future posts. Thanks for following BTW. I’ve returned the favor as well.

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  6. Hi, my blog is called Over The Andes.
    I chose that name as the Andes mountain range is one of the best known and most impressive geographical aspects of Latin America. My blog is dedicated to exploring Latin America through travel, history, culture and language. I post about books, culture, education, travel, food… pretty much anything from the region.
    This blog is only a couple weeks old and started out as a project for work (I teach Latin American History and Politics and Basic Spanish). Looking forward to interacting with anyone who wants to find out more or share more about this region!

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    1. A great area of the world to cover and one sadly many in the US are poorly informed about (imo). I am looking forward to reading more about this amazing placr.

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  7. Hi First I enjoy your posts, they inspire me. My blogs name is SimonsSaysTravel. While I haven’t quite found my niche yet, I’m still learning, only four months into this. I love photography, travel, enter sweepstakes and find ways to save money to travel more. I started my blog to keep my mind active and creative ( a requirement to win judged sweepstakes. Also, I thought a blog would be a fun way to share my journey around the world, next stop Peru then Santorini Greece. Well gotta go enter some sweeps to see where I land next

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