Getting the dirt on Saint Lucia

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Well, mud actually not dirt. The volcanic mud of the soufriere caldera on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is reported to do wonders for your skin. The soufriere caldera is located near the city of the same name adjacent to the Pitons, the twin mountains Saint Lucia is most known for.

I was never able to get a shot of both peaks the clouds just wouldn’t bend to my will. 
The east coast of the island is full of coves just perfect for snorkeling.
One and a half of the famous twin peaks
The two peaks of the Pitons are Gros Piton and Petit Piton . In this picture Petit Piton stands majestic and defiant of clouds 
While one is Gros (large) Piton and the other is Petit (little) Piton, there’s only about 150 feet of difference.  Both are at least 2400 feet above sea level
Castries the capital city of the nation of Saint Lucia
The Globetrotting Grandpa gets dirty
To wash off all that mud a refreshing bath in the hot springs
A Saint Lucian feast with fresh fruit, fried plantains, grilled chicken and fish and beans and rice.
A sunset on a just perfect day.

4 Replies to “Getting the dirt on Saint Lucia”

    1. Maybe it was just the day I was there, but they were very frugal about the mud. I remember the guy checking us to make sure we only had three fingers worth. I really wanted to just cover myself like I saw in the pictures. I mean, there’s that mud everywhere they weren’t going to run out! When we went snorkeling we hardly saw much fish, but still mamanged to have fun.

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      1. Yeah, over-fishing will do that… As for the mud, I know some types are radioactive, so maybe the quantity was limited for health reasons? Or the guy just decided ‘no it’s my mud you can’t have it get your own mud’, whichever!

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