Hey all you travel bloggers, I have a question for you:

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cup-mug-desk-office.jpgSince most everyone that reads or follows these posts is either a travel blogger or at the very least likes to read travel blogs let me pose a question to you all. I will also answer this myself, but would really love some feedback. So here goes:

Would you describe yourself as:

1) A writer who travels?  or  2) A traveler who writes?

My Answer:

Well, technically right now at least, I’m neither. I’m just a Customer Service Representative  who likes to play on his blog. I’ve traveled, but only when I can save up enough money. (usually every other year). But if I were to choose I’d say I am a writer who travels even though I think I am a much better traveler than a writer.

Writing for me is usually very work intensive. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. I want the words to flow nicely. I want to sound smart. Sometimes, I think it can kill the spontaneity. What I really like doing is being a research nerd. I love finding out all I can about a particular topic. Whenever I visit somewhere new, by the time I actually get there, I’ve read so much I feel like I’ve already been there.

Traveling on the other hand is more natural. My philosophy is read all you can in advance then throw away your guidebook and follow your heart. It is kind of a right brain-left brain thing.  I have traveled without writing about it, but I am always happier when I write. It makes the experience more real. Maybe one day I can do both professionally. That’s my vision at least. I want to share the world I see with others. I want my journey to make a difference.

Well, that’s my answer (such as it was)  What say you?


22 Replies to “Hey all you travel bloggers, I have a question for you:”

  1. I am definitely a traveler who writes. I never even thought about writing about my travels until some time later. Now I have a passion for both 🙂 Still a pure traveler at heart though. I love sharing my stories to inspire others 🙂

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    1. You know how they always say that if you can find something you’d do for free then maybe it is what you’d do for a living? Well, if that’s the case, it would be traveling for me too, but I always keep a journal so I have the writer side too. I definitely enjoy your blog. so keep writing.

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  2. I am definitely a traveler. I dont even consider myself a writer. I just recently started a blog (like 2 days ago lol). Since i have traveled quiet a lot, I guess its my responsibility to share my stories and experiences to people. I’m still trying to learn how to write but traveling, im just a natural.

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    1. Hi Mimi. That’s something we have in common, I just started my blog about two weeks ago. I find my writing to be rusty but I hope it is like exercising you get stronger as you go. I hope you don’t mind, I followed your blog. I look forward to reading your adventures, 🙂 Darryl

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      1. Thank you for following me! Im so honored. I’m actually just trying to read as much travel blogs as i can to help me with my writing. Just to get the feel of how it is done. Have a safe and fun travels Daryl! Mimi


  3. I just happen to love both writing and traveling. I’ve been traveling long before I started blogging, but I’ve been writing long before I started traveling, so I’m not really sure. One thing’s for sure, I can’t give up on both traveling and writing.

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    1. I think you’re right. it’s definitely a mix. i can travel without writing, but writing about it enriches the experience for me, and gives me something I can share with others.

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      1. I agree! Writing about my travels enriches the experience, and helps me not to forget the little details that made my travels more meaningful. And yes, it’s good to share experiences with others.

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  4. I’m a writer who is traveling. Writing definitely makes the experiences more real. Without writing they seem to just fly by and get lost. I feel like I’m spinning outside of time unless I sit down and write about it. I think your writing is great. Although I say I’m a writer I’m actually a visual artist who has just learned to write. That’s why my blogs are more pictures than words. The words seem extraneous when one has the pictures.

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    1. Thanks for posting. I like writing but it’s been so long since I’ve done it much, I feel rusty. i’m trusting this will pass with practice. i agree with you about pictures. i always feel like i need more in my pieces. i need some more traveling just to get more pictures. Looking forward to checking out your blog too. Darryl


  5. I guess we’re both? My sister and I love traveling, hell, I was almost born on a plane (our mom has a certain disregard for plane regulations), so… But we’re also aspiring writers on the side, though my sister only recently fell down the rabbit hole. In the context of a travel blog though, I think it’s mostly about being a traveler first, as you seek to share experiences so the content matters more than the way you write it? Just my opinion though!
    On an unrelated note I really really really love the name of your blog, and we’d like to thank you for liking our first post, it was a great morale boost!

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    1. My pleasure. I’ve only been at it two weeks myself and when I got my first like, I was so thrilled. I’m glad you like the name. It’s a mission statement of sorts. Nor just for myself but for others too. I think people who are on the somewhat older side need to get out and travel. Only good can come from it. Traveling comes easier for me than writing, but merging the two is kind of a left brain right brain mix. Keep posting. I’m following your blog and look forward to reading more. Darryl


  6. I’m with Cogitoesoterica. I have always been a wanderer, which probably overlaps with my impulse to write, which I consider to be simply an expression of creative energy. I have found blogging to be a very particular type of writing, however. I wrote essays, stories, and treatises before this, and I am still experimenting with it. It is really a newsletter for my family, with an important visual component. I find I have alot to write about, but do not spend as much time editing as I would like; the blog is very secondary to the travelling, which can really wipe me out! Good question.

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    1. Hi bipedalgunnar thanks for your posts. I agree blogging for me is the hardest type of writing I’ve done. i really sweat over trying to get all the words right, so much so he editing for me suffers a bit. I wish i was traveling more and writing less but at least now it;s the opposite.


  7. I am definitely a traveler who has just recently started writing. As a recent empty nester, I was seeing so many friends who were devastated that their kids were gone, and I started writing to help inspire them to get out and LIVE. This is a very exciting time of life. So at the moment, travel (and ANY adventure) is my passion and the writing is secondary, although I am loving “meeting” so many interesting people through the blogging world.

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    1. I feel the same. Two of the three kids are gone here. Number three has just started his post college career and will probably be out soon, I have been very impressed with the blogs I am reading. So professional looking. Glad to have you following along.

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  8. I wrote technical and legal documents my whole 33 year career. Need a strategic plan, memo or report? I was the it girl. But travel turned me into a real writer. One book published, another in progress…I didn’t expect this. It just seemed to happen. Now if I can get away from the marketing I will keep writing!

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  9. They do seem to go hand in hand with me. If I experience someplace, I want to share it. I figure this is how I pay it forward. Since i was privileged with the opportunity to visit somewhere many people have not been blessed with doing so. I feel i owe the universe compensation.


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